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We are not only a Game Studio:
We want to fulfill the wishes of our community, which is why we invest a lot of love and time in our projects. An active exchange and a professional environment make us unique.


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Trough extern gadgets like action figures, art books or merch for limited editions we can professionally present your game.

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We help you to find bugs in your project and to fix those.

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Sound and Music

We help you with the audio visualisation of your project.

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Help with programming

We can support you in Unity as well as in Unreal Engine to bring your game to the next level.

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Trough our grafic & animation team we can help you with trailer and extern visualizations to make your game look more beautifull.

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With our publishing program we care for that your game gets the maximum attention through advertising measures.


We do not only publish games, we also develop games under the name of DreamStudios.

We attach a lot of importance to the quality of our games, we also want to offer you a fair price.
The preferences and ideas of the community are very important to us. Therefore we organize community meetings and surveys.
Ideas can be submitted on our Discord server. If your idea is liken by the majority of the community and if it is feasible, there stands nothing in the way of making it into our game.

DreamStudios App

With the DreamStudios app you have all infos in a glance. Be it updates, cool events or free to play weeks. In addition, there are free daily rewards in the app like wallpapers, skins, but also games from us which are just waiting for drawn by you.

Dreamstudios App


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Manasoup Network

Manasoup Network is the German speaking network for game development and digital art.